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Buy Wholesale Glass Jars for Decorations

Wholesale Glass Jars

Jars and bottles are excellent items for crafts and other creative projects. Use them as candy dishes on a coffee table or insert a votive candle inside to use them as candle jars. You'll see many jars and bottles in homes with country-themed home decor. With the variety of color choices available at Shore Container, you can even match the bottle color to your furniture or wall color. If you're looking to decorate a long shelf with bottles and jars, buy wholesale glass jars at our very low prices and add in a couple picture frames to vary the look.

Glass Candle Jars

Candle makers will find our jars very worthwhile. We offer them in a range of sizes to accommodate the candle sizes you're hoping to store. We have12-ounce flints and glass canning jars that make perfect candle jars for taller candles and the smaller eight-ounce flint that can be purchased in bulk at 12 per case. If you're in search of a jar with a more unique shape for a signature look, have a look at our other product categories to see if a different style altogether would work better for you.

Also keep in mind that when you buy wholesale glass jars from Shore Container we can assist you with creating a customized look for your jar or bottle. We have helped clients locate a particular bottle size or shape to make the ordinary look extraordinary. We can also find resources to etch bottles and screen print bottle caps with logos or other interesting designs. These extra services can really add extra flair if you aren't satisfied with a plain bottle or jar surface. Contact us today to learn more!

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