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Purchase Wine Bottles and Corks

Empty Wine BottleAt Shore Container, we offer bar top corks for your corking needs. A perfect complement to your empty wine bottle are the corks which are made of 100 percent natural cork and are topped with a plastic crown. Bartenders and wine lovers alike find these corks incredibly useful because they can effectively seal an unfinished bottle of wine or unfinished sauce bottles. They do not contain any harmful particles such as glue or loose fragments, so there's no need to worry about contaminating your wine. When you purchase wine bottles, be sure to add these bar top corks to your shopping cart as well.


Color of an Empty Wine Bottle

Does color matter when choosing a wine bottle? First of all, wine bottles don't come in every color or shade imaginable. Wine bottles come in blue, clear, smoke and amber and there are different shades of green including dead lead green, antique green, and emerald green. The reason behind the limitation in colors is because when wine receives too much exposure to light, it will begin to combine with oxygen and ultimately lose its true flavor. Wine should be stored where there is little light, but since many wine drinkers store their wine in the kitchen, green empty wine bottles would be your best bet. Aside from that, you're free to choose the color of your liking when it comes time to purchase wine bottles.

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