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        -Oyster Lids
        -Shrink Bands


Additional Uses for Glass Canning Jars

Glass Canning JarsJars of varying sizes and shapes are often collected by consumers and reused multiple times for differing purposes. Some common uses for empty glass canning jars are: vases, candle holders, drinking glasses, and at-home canning.

Canning jars received their name from the previously common practice of storing and preserving fresh food and perishables which were harvested from a home garden. The practice of storing these items in airtight jars to preserve them was commonly called ‘canning,’ although the food was not stored in cans. Glass jars with lids that had an airtight seal were the most popular for the canning process.

There are many more uses for empty canning jars, but those are the most basic uses for an empty canning jar. A large portion of the population refers to these empty containers as mason jars, and they were previously very popular in the South as drinking glasses.

Glass Jars with Lids:

An important feature to remember when planning to do any canning or preserving at home, is that your jars must have a lid that fits tightly and securely. Shore Container offers a wide selection of lids and seals to fit each of their jar sizes so you can choose the type and style best suited to your product.

Shore Container's pricing and quantities on their products is also extremely reasonable. Most glass jars with lids can be ordered in amounts as small as a dozen, all the way up to multiple pallets worth of cases. This flexibility in quantity makes us an ideal supplier for both the small and large endeavors requiring glass jars. A few common home uses of these jars are:

  • Homemade Candles
  • Homemade Preserves
  • Vases
  • Decorative Accents

So whether you’re looking for a special jar to house your company’s new line of scented candles, or you’re simply looking for containers to hand your homemade jelly out to friends and family in, be sure to view the wide selection of glass canning jars that Shore Container has to offer.

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