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A Preferred Glass Jar Supplier

Glass Jar SupplierShore Container is dedicated to meeting your needs when it comes to glass and plastic containers. That is why our list of products is constantly expanding to meet your demands. Still can't find what you're looking for? Then give us a call and tell us! While we stay as up to date as possible on the latest trends in the bottling, packaging and wholesale distribution industry, we know that our consumers are the best source of information. Our goal is to be your preferred plastic container and glass jar supplier. Know that we're willing to search beyond our very own product list to satisfy your needs.

Contact us With Suggestions

Our customers and the relationships we have with them are top priorities for us. We are always striving to bring in new products to offer the finest selection of small and large buckets, glass jars with lids and champagne and wine bottles with corks. However, if there's a product you have in mind that we currently do not offer, please share this with us! As a consumer, your needs are key in bettering our business, and we appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Wine Bottles and Glass Jars With Lids

As a glass jar supplier, it's no doubt that our glass jars and empty wine bottles are best sellers. Take a look at the list below and very likely the jars you are searching for are on it. Remember that we sell glass jars with lids in addition to corks for wine bottles, so be sure to check out our assortment of caps and corks to match.

  • 8 oz. flint 70-450 paragon jar
  • 12 oz. flint 70-450 jar
  • 32 oz. flint 70-450 jar
  • 750 ml dead lead green burgundy wine bottle
  • 750 ml flint Bordeaux flat bottom wine bottle
  • 750 ml green Bordeaux flat bottom wine bottle
  • 750 ml green Bordeaux punted wine bottle

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