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Discover Innovation In Glass Food Containers

Jars and bottles have been around for a long time. These days, you'll find large buckets and mason jars aren't just used for carrying water or preserving food; they've become a one-of-a-kind design element used in the home for decoration or in bars and restaurants as glassware.

Companies that sell anything from dog food to malt liquor pay close attention to their bottling and packaging. Marketers are always brainstorming imaginative ways to store their products. Beer companies sell their brew in sleek, attractive bottles to appeal to consumers. You may even see a few bottles stuffed into large buckets, tightly packaged in cellophane to make an attractive gift for a beer lover. Evidently, there's a lot more that goes into packaging than meets the eye.

Add Some Personality With Oyster Jars

Oyster JarsAntique jars and bottles are celebrated collectibles, but they also do wonders for storing foods. If you're selling a product that you consider authentic such as homemade salsa or a secret pasta sauce recipe, oyster jars are the perfect complement. They convey a sense of genuineness, and if the product you're selling comes from the heart (as most home-cooked recipes do), these unique glass food containers definitely deliver a sense of feeling and good will.

Many of the seafood houses that shuck oysters use our jars and oyster lids. The most commonly used jar for oysters is the pint jar accompanied by the red/white select lid. The quart size oyster jar is also frequently used. We carry oyster lids in half-pint, pint, and quart sizes, in both the red/white select lid and in the blue/white standard lid. The red/white select lids are for a higher grade of oyster than the blue/white standard lids.

Consider Costs of Glass Food Containers

Another consideration you should take into account when buying glass jars is cost. If you're about to launch a new product, there's a lot of work that goes into determining how your packaging should be designed. What will it be stored in--flint growlers, wine bottles, glass canning jars, oyster jars? Then, there's size--64 ounces, 750 milliliters, five ounces? And of course, there's cost. It's important to find glass food containers that are appealing, fully functional for your product's features and affordable. Let Shore Container help you find a product that meets all three criteria.

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